Who are We

Over the past 40+ years the Graduate Management Association (GMA) has grown with The University of Western Australia and the Western Australian business community.

The Graduate Management Association was formed in 1976 by MBA graduates of Graduate Management School, University of Western Australia.

The motivation that led to the formation of the GMA was, firstly to maintain contacts and friendships made through the MBA programs, and secondly to continue relationships developed with the staff of UWA. Following the development of the UWA Business School, the membership was extended to include all postgraduate programs within the faculty.

The GMA also felt that it was in the interest of the graduates to ensure that the Business School postgraduate degrees received the broadest possible recognition and conveyed an image of professionalism and excellence. Our members continue to build a solid reputation for governance, managerial excellence, community service and increasing value to a wide range of organisations.


Accelerating professional growth through infinite links to opportunity.


We provide unique opportunities for GMA members to network and share knowledge.


Unlocking Collective Wisdom

We are committed to realising and leveraging the experience and wisdom that resides in our membership.

Nourishing the mind

We are committed to fostering and enhancing lifelong learning experiences.

Enabling Growth

We are committed to providing unique opportunities for GMA Members to network and share knowledge.

Pride and Belonging

We are committed to advancing our infinite links with the wider community.

The Graduate Management Association of UWA (GMA) IS HERE FOR YOU

No matter where you reside, whether it’s in Perth or anywhere else in the world, there are numerous ways for you to stay connected and actively participate in the University of Western Australia (UWA) community.

  • Reconnect with your fellow classmates and have the opportunity to meet new individuals as well.
  • Find an alumni community in your city
  • As a graduate, embrace the concept of lifelong learning and continue to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Volunteer for the GMA
  • Stay informed on all things UWA and their members
  • And more!

Remember, no matter your location, there are plenty of opportunities to remain involved with UWA and its vibrant community.​

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