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As of March 2018, fees for all membership categories have been waived.

In other words: It’s completely free to join the GMA!

Welcome to the Membership Page of the Graduate Management Association (GMA) – your gateway to an enriched postgraduate experience at the UWA Business School.

Becoming a GMA member gives you access to exclusive benefits and opportunities designed to foster your professional growth, expand your network, and maintain a lifelong connection with the vibrant UWA Business School community. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Odd Dozen Brekkie: Meet fellow MBA and Graduate Certificate students at a monthly casual breakfast event. This allows networking, sharing experiences, and exploring potential opportunities.
  • Drinks Sundowner: Join us for sundowner drinks, where past and present MBA and Graduate Certificate students can socialise, chat, and enjoy refreshments.
  • Black Tie Dinner: Attend the main and most prestigious event of the year, offering an elegant evening for members.
  • Lifelong Learning ProgramThe new UWA MBA Alumni Lifelong Learning Program will allow you to continue learning, networking and developing long after graduation.
    • MBA Refresher Program: All UWA MBA alumni will have the opportunity to return to class after graduation. Returning to class will expose you to the latest theories and concepts in the subjects you completed within your MBA or elective units you have not previously studiedThere are no additional costs associated with returning to class. 
    • Masterclass Series: Stay up-to-date with industry and government developments through numerous masterclasses conducted by senior industry leaders. Members receive regular updates and invitations to these sessions.
    • Workshop by Faculty: Engage with faculty members through workshops on various relevant topics for MBA students and alumni, fostering ongoing interaction.

Postgraduate Member

If you hold a postgraduate degree conferred by the UWA Business School then you are eligible for Postgraduate Membership.

Associate Member (Students)

Associate membership is available to all current postgraduate students of the UWA Business School. Students in any postgraduate course offered by the UWA Business School are eligible for this category of membership.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is available to anyone that holds a postgraduate degree in a business-related discipline, from a non-Western Australian university, as approved by the Council.

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