The Legends Award History

This award was introduced to the GMA Black Tie Event in 2014 initially as Honorary Lifetime award for Charlie Gunningham and Brian Leedman with the Legend Medallions. 

From then this became known as the GMA Legends Award in subsequent years annual events to recognise a special contribution made by a member(s) to the GMA.

The legends award committee of GMA Council selects a legend from a group of nominees (usually nominated by council members but not limited to) and submits the recommended nominee for the award to the council’s endorsement.

The Legends Award represents an ongoing commitment to create and deliver value to the GMA and its members, it is an award we hope all GMA members strive to achieve.

Eligible Nominees

Anyone that is associated with GMA who can meet the selection criteria below for the GMA Legends Award. A nominee can be from but not limited to:

  • The general community;
  • GMA membership; and
  • The UWA community including the Business School, the Development & Alumni Relations and the alumni.

Generally a legend will have been involved with the GMA for no less than 4 years (equating to two elected terms of a councillor, i.e. 2 years per term). However, the GMA Council has the discretion to consider a nominee who had high impact, including high frequency over a shorter period.


PAST legends award WINNERS

  • 2023: Jacqueline Gower
  • 2022: Steven Bayne 
  • 2021: Conrad Pires
  • 2020: Michael Andrews
  • 2019: Graham Harmsworth
  • 2018: Bevellee Partridge
  • 2017: Antoine Musu
  • 2016: Paul McCann
  • 2015: Doug McGhie
  • 2014: Brian Leederman & Charlie Gunningham
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